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All are welcome to receive communion (Holy Eucharist) at St. Martin’s. We believe that Christ is present in the bread and the wine, feeding and strengthening our unbreakable bond of love with God and each other. This sacred meal nurtures us with the grace we need to live Christ-like lives in the world.

We believe that Jesus gave us this gift to remember him and to be renewed by his saving and healing presence. The gift is his to give and it is not our place to exclude anyone who so desires from receiving it. Children of all ages are welcome to receive as well as people who are baptized or not yet baptized.

If you receive communion prior to baptism we hope this sacred act will be a gateway to receiving the gift of baptism along with the vows which go with it. If you want to learn more about communion, the clergy and lay members of the congregation are always ready to help.

Every communion is potentially a ‘first communion’ at St. Martin’s, so we have also developed a First Solemn Communion class for that milestone, usually offered for grades 4-6. Please watch for announcements here and on the children and families page.

Wafers are used at all services. Gluten-free wafers are available at all services. Please request one from a member of the clergy.

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