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Biblical Studies

St. Martin’s continues its long history of biblical studies by offering several opportunities to meet weekly with a group to read the scriptures together.

Books and Banter

Books and Banter is St. Martin's informal book club, held on the second Monday of the month from September to June.

Education for Ministry

Want to go deeper in your understanding of Scripture and theology and how to apply them to your life and ministry?

Helen White Memorial Lecture Series

The Helen White Memorial Lecture remembers her lifetime dedication to making the Word of God accessible to "the people in the pews".

Men for Others

Third Saturdays at 8:00 a.m. on Zoom!

Morning Meditation

All are welcome to join for silent meditation in the church at 8:15 am every weekday.

Spirituality of Aging

As we grow older, can we also grow more grateful and forgiving, more generative? How do our perspectives shift as we age? Where do we find strength, meaning, hope? What are the challenges we struggle with?

Women Connecting

Women Connecting is a grace-filled space where women meet for contemplation and reflective listening, to tend their souls by sharing stories and experiences.

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