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A Celebration of Life

End of life and burial services at St. Martin’s are open to all people. Please contact the clergy so we can minister to you or your loved one during illness and at the time of death.

Funeral Planning for the Bereaved

Burial services will follow the Rites for Burial in the Book of Common Prayer, involve the clergy of St. Martin’s, and require at least one planning meeting with the clergy beforehand. If a pre-plan was not created, families of the deceased may use our funeral worksheet with the assistance of the clergy.

Pre-Planning: for the Living

If you would like to pre-plan your funeral please let us know. You can download our Living Wishes form to fill in and mail back to us, or contact a member of the clergy and we will assist you. We will keep your wishes on file in our church office. Please also consider our Planned Giving options at this time.


There is no fee for the clergy or the facility for the funeral service. Required fees include the services of the music director, sexton, and altar guild. There are additional charges for optional offerings such as musicians, bulletin preparation, and candle poles. Additional fees are also charged related to receptions and the Mary Hare Taylor Knight Memorial Columbarium.

Mary Hare Taylor Knight Memorial Columbarium

The Mary Hare Taylor Knight Memorial Columbarium on St. Martin’s grounds, is available for those who plan to be cremated. This beautiful, sacred space is tucked between the sanctuary and attached Mary Chapel, on a quiet, inside portion of our grounds. Lovingly maintained by volunteer gardeners and landscapers, as well as our sexton, this is an enduring place for your family and friends to return to for comfort and memory.

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