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Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry at St. Martin’s is a one-to-one lay ministry which provides confidential, one-on-one support for people exploring a variety of

concerns in their lives. 

Stephen Ministry is St. Martin’s one-on-one ministry of pastoral listening and care for people going through difficult times.

Stephen Ministers are parish and community volunteers trained to offer compassionate and prayerful support to people who are experiencing challenges such as job loss, grief, divorce, illness, caregiving or other life transitions. A Stephen Minister and his or her care receiver typically meet once a week for about an hour. A Stephen Ministry relationship might last a few months or more than a year, depending on the care receiver’s needs.

Do you or someone you know need care?

Even with the support of family and friends, enduring difficulties and losses can feel like a pretty lonely walk. Stephen Ministers provide regular, dependable care that is faith-based and confidential. To learn more about how a Stephen Minister might offer compassionate support for you or someone you care about, please contact the Stephen Ministry Leaders (details below).

Are you called to be a Stephen Minister?

A Stephen Minister has a calming presence and is comfortable with a process of care that involves listening, prayer and supportive feedback as her or his care receiver walks through difficulty or crisis. Stephen Ministry is not professional therapy, pastoral counseling, or spiritual direction.

A 50-hour training course is required of all Stephen Ministers before they can begin offering care. The training involves weekly sessions of about two-and-a-half hours and will extend through part of the summer.

Once trained, Stephen Ministers sign on for a two-year commitment, though they are free to continue longer with the ministry. The basic time requirement includes meeting once a week for about an hour with a care receiver, as well as meeting twice a month for lengthier peer supervision and continuing education sessions. 

Who are St. Martin’s Stephen Ministers?

St. Martin’s has 12 active Stephen Ministers. The program is facilitated by four Stephen Leaders, who oversee recruitment, intake, training, supervision and continuing education. 

For more information, please contact one of the Stephen Ministry Leaders:

Stephen Ministry is part of a nationally recognized program.

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