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Children's Choir
Chorister Program

We are delighted to welcome new young musicians to our

Children's Choir Chorister Program!

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The Chorister program of St. Martin-in-the-Fields offers children from the second grade upwards a thorough and enjoyable musical education in a safe and effective learning environment.


Choristers learn not only about music and singing but also about music theory, history, languages, maths, science and much more. In a program delivered by our Director of Music & Arts, Mr. Tyrone Whiting, and our brand-new dedicated Children's Choir Chorister Leader, Ms. Brooke Witherite, children have the chance to progress through varying levels of the program earning medals, ribbons, and certificates in the process. Our Choristers gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals in music, vocal production, as well as liturgy and theology.


Choristers rehearse each week on Wednesdays from 4:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. and will sing in our Sunday services initially once per month. Choristers receive snacks and a short break during the rehearsal. Choristers will also sing at festivals and events in the local area and further afield, offering them the chance to spread the joy and learning of music with others. We ask that our Choristers attend our 9 a.m. Children, Youth, and Families Sunday Service at least twice per month, with music led by Ms. Julia Finegan.

If you know a child who loves to sing or want to find out more about our Children's Choir Chorister program, please email Mr. Whiting or fill out this form.

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