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Climate Action Team

The St. Martin's Climate Action Team brings members of our congregation together to understand, act on, and pray about the very real challenge of climate change. We meet monthly and aim to serve as a hub for connecting folks within St. Martin's with fellow congregants called to act in response to climate change. We structure activities to allow fluid participation, with small teams taking charge of individual actions.

How do I get involved? Reach out to Climate Action Team leaders Jess Ballenger and Kathy Greely.

Who is involved? The Climate Action Team includes Jess Ballenger & Kathy Greely (co-leaders), Sue MacQueen, Andrew Reumann-Moore, Del Bright, Kim McNulty, Pam Darville, and Bill Cozzens, and collaborates with a wider community of organizations including PA Interfaith Power & Light and POWER.

Identify some successes: Recent activities have included book groups, solstice walks, film discussions, invasive plant removal at Buttercup Cottage in Fairmount Park, Parish Forums, Earth Day activities, and legislative advocacy.

Share the impact:

In collaboration with PAIPL, we produced "A Toolkit for Climate Action", which is offers a comprehensive resource guide for other congregations seeking to engage in climate work. Access the toolkit here!

Climate Action Team
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