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Anne Swoyer

Vestry, Class of 2027

I have been a member of St. Martin’s since 2012. 

I grew up in the Catholic tradition, but left at the age of 12. When I met Bill, my spouse who was a Methodist minister at the time, our first date was an Easter service. When he moved to Philadelphia, we eventually found St. Martins. I cried when the choir began, and Bill said it felt like he could breathe for the first time in a long time while in worship. We have called this place home ever since. 

Much of my recent working life was spent in medical education as a Standardized Patient trainer. These days I spend a lot of time taking pictures and have exhibited them locally.

I have served as Eucharistic visitor, (a ministry I hope to help revive), Eucharistic minister, crucifer, lector, intercessor, and office volunteer, as well as a member of the Wellspring committee.

Anne Swoyer
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