The Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields is an Episcopal parish in the Diocese of Pennsylvania that is centered on the worship of God, the ministry of all baptized persons, and the call to be agents of Christ’s love in the world.
Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
8000 St. Martin’s Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19118

The Rev. Louis H. Temme


On January 10, the Church School teachers asked the children in the K-1 (ages 5-7) class to draw a picture about St. Martin’s.

The leading questions were: “What do you like best about St. Martin’s? What is most important to you about St. Martin’s?”

As the children finished their drawings, we asked them to tell us about the drawing.

Here are the words the K-1 children said:

• I like it best when we get to draw pictures.
• I like the slide in the playground.
• I like to sing in church.
• I like the Easter egg hunt.
• I like the church at Christmas.
• My favorite part of Sunday School is when the teacher tells a story.

In February, the teachers in the Gr. 2-3 (ages 7-8) Church School class asked the children “What’s important to you about St. Martin’s?”

Here are the words of the Gr. 2-3 children:

• bread and wine
• We learn new things every day.
• the snacks
• singing songs and being in the choir
• being a torchbearer and an acolyte
• church school – it’s fun!
• church school activities, such as boat-making
• the crucifer
• Jesus – he’s important in every church
• St. Martin himself
• It’s safe.

From Discernment Committee member Barbara Baumgartner